Dressing up casual wear for men

Anything you wear that is not a 3-piece suit can be considered casual wear. There are two ends of the casual wear spectrum however: on one end, there’s the true to nature, laidback t-shirt and jeans casual, and on the other end, there’s a dressier casual wear comprised of smart-casual pieces with street wear.

Dressing up casual wear can be difficult and expensive at times. It’s because the pieces you wear to dress things up are similar to formal wear. Blazers, casual shirts, brogues—these are relaxed versions of suits, and black laced shoes. It is a good investment picking up pieces that you can use to dress up your look, one must note, as it can improve people’s disposition towards you.

Blazers worn over simple t-shirts and jeans automatically dress up your look.  With the sort of rigid structure of the blazer, it’s sure to give form and edge to the simple get-up and sort of polish as well. Traditionally, blazers come in deep, navy blue. But more contemporary fashion now offers blazers in more exciting variations. There colors in khaki, deep green, sometimes fuchsia; floral-print blazers are starting to be explored as well, as well as other prints on blazers.

Another way of dressing up your look is incorporating chinos instead of jeans. It gives a relaxed yet classy appeal, and colors abound too. Usually you are good with brown or stone-colored chinos, but there’s also deep maroon, green, black and blue. You can opt to wear loafers, which are easy to slip on yet stylish, boat shoes or some brogues. When wearing brogues choose something lighter colored to give the casual feel you’re going for. Wearing scarves can also make your outfit look put-together; it gives you that sort of intellectual feel. Also, wearing boots can really give your look a punch up to the fashion yard stick. They instantly give edge and assertiveness that will make heads turn.

If you like to keep jeans on, dress up your look with a shirt. A check pattern is a very popular style choice among men. One thing that men less often turn to is flower patterns. Don’t be afraid to wear them as it actually gives detail and finesse to your look. As an alternative to the blazer, you could also opt for a leather jacket. This gives you polish, confidence also some bit of personality.

Whether you are going on a date night, meeting clients or going out with friends, dressing out never has to be scary. It is important that you have fun with it and let your personality shine. Have fun trying all these looks.

Your casual get up

People wear clothes appropriate for the occasion. You most likely wouldn’t want to wear a fur jacket under the sun, or wear distressed jeans in a wedding reception—unless that’s the theme. Casual everyday activities call for easy, comfortable clothes. However you don’t need to be stuck with t-shirts and jeans always.

Putting effort to everyday wear isn’t always everyone’s priority. You might say, “well I’m just gonna pay some bills, I don’t need to dress up.” That’s really fine but your clothes will bear the brunt of the beat-up your putting it through by wearing it too frequently. Try mixing some pieces together to allow some rest period between clothing uses. If you’ve worn jeans today, try shorts next, and for girls, probably skirts or leggings.

Styling everyday clothes can be daunting to most people. But you’ll never achieve anything if you only try to stay safe all the time. You can try if a look works by trying it out in front of a mirror the night before or during the weekends, where you have more time. Doing this frequently, over time you may not need to fit it for you to come up with a look as you might easily visualize it instead.

Since Jeans are probably the first thing people think of as casual clothing, try wearing some darker wash jeans , or lighter ones than your usual standard indigo color. Trying on colored jeans—such as green, brown, or khaki—will also be refreshing. For girls, trying oversized t-shirt over jeans can be quite a fun look. You could also try it with leggings. Remember, leggings are not meant to be pants so try wearing tops that are a bit bigger in volume. Cropped tops can go well with jeans as well. For guys, wearing a denim vest over t-shirts can give that cool look. For a more unconventional look, cropped jeans for both men and women are currently in style. For those who love their joggers, you can pair it up with pitted shirts to give a more polished look to the loose nature of the pants. And never underestimate accessories; sometimes they’re the last thing you need for an on-point look. Guys can try bonnets or simple assorted bracelets, and girls some light scarf and some jewelry as well.

Just keep in mind that casual wear doesn’t need to be boring, try to switch it up every now and then. Infuse your own creativity with your clothes. You could turn a normal day to something fun. Have fun!

Summer clothes, basics and trends

Summer’s fast approaching once again. You’d start to feel just a little bit sweaty with your daily activities. Most people are starting to shake up their wardrobes for the season, and here are some pointers when looking for summer-appropriate clothes and going out and enjoying the sunny season.

Since it’s very hot, it is important to keep most of the sunlight off clothes. That means wearing light-colored clothes, because they reflect light more. Unless you live in a particularly breezy locale, you might want to keep your clothes lightweight as well to allow ventilation and keeping the body cool. Both men and women can enjoy t-shirts and shorts as go-to pieces for the summer. Tank tops are a good option too if you want a little more breathing space for your skin. While jeans are a bit heavy and thus can work up a sweat for those who are into a more active lifestyle, their popularity cannot put off their use the whole year round. For summer you might want to opt for light-colored denim washes if you plan on wearing jeans. Dresses for girls are an easy summer piece as well. A light-fabric dress provides comfort and easiness. Ladies may pick from a wide range of designs from floral to solid pastel colors. For men, cotton shirts will still be comfortable.

One way to relieve the summer heat is to go for a cool swim. So for the weekends, why not go get away on a resort with friends or loved ones? Be sure to pack some swimwear and get hold of sunglasses and sun block lotions. With sun blocks, it’s important to use an SPF of at least 30 and be sure to grab ones that provide protection for both UVA and UVB rays. Always reapply every 30 minutes. Don’t settle for cheap sunglasses as well. Be sure to ask your optical shop if it has UV-filter. Usually they test this with a UV lamp. Be careful, tinted sunglasses without actual UV protection might actually do more harm than good since the dark tints dilates the eyes while UV passes through.

For those on the look-out for the latest in fashion, here are the trendiest pieces for this summer of 2014. For men, floral shirts are cropping back up, and neon-colored trainers. The blazer is also becoming a summer must-have, but choose a lighter fabric and light-colored piece to compensate for the weather. And good ol’ fatigue print is also coming back this summer. For ladies, Slip dresses, whether in solids or florals, will be a hit this summer. Cropped jackets should also be considered and also wide-legged trousers. Colorful sweaters will also have room in your closets, loud-print t-shirts as well elegant shift blouses.


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